• tcPDU LTE - Managed Power Distribution Unit with energy consumption monitoring (socket type F)

The Symbol : 06288

Managed power distribution unit in Rack 19 inch cabinet standard. Equipped with 7 independently managed sockets connected to grid (230V) voltage. PDU can be managed via the built-in web server or the SNMP or MQTT protocol via the physical 10/100Mb Ethernet interface.

Socket type F (german- Schuko)
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Managed power distribution unit in Rack 19 inch cabinet standard. Equipped with 7 independently managed sockets connected to grid (230V) voltage.
PDU can be managed via the built-in web server or the SNMP or MQTT protocol via the physical 10/100Mb Ethernet interface.

The device has an energy monitor showing the current mains voltage, current and active/reactive power and calculated consumed energy. It has 2 logical inputs to monitor, for example, the status of door opening and mains power failure (if it is supported by a UPS). The unit has a repeatable circuit breaker of 10A, separated for the sockets, with the possibility of remote monitoring and notification of disconnection off the loads.

The unique feature of the PDU is watchdog - monitoring of set IP addresses and in the absence of a ping response - resetting the assigned network sockets. The device also allows for local measurement with a temperature/humidity sensor with dew point calculation or 8 of DS18b20 temperature sensors on longer 1Wire bus cables.

Basic features:

  • Simple and intuitive management via a website with the option of configuring the visibility of additional sensors, such as temperature indications, logical inputs, power or energy.
  • Support for SNMPv2 and v3 protocol with sending traps.
  • Support for MQTT protocol - the ability to connect to our free server for data and graphs, ability to control and monitoring in the mobile application, TLS encryption is also supported when working with your own MQTT servers.
  • Support for HTTP protocol - allows you to send data from sensors, output status to the server and control other devices as a result of controlling the Events function.
  • Enables periodic switching on/off and setting the function of switching on the output sockets after power on with delays to avoid overloading.
  • 2 measurement buses: 1Wire for DS18B20 temperature sensors (support for up to 8 sensors) and I2C for humidity and temperature sensors with dew point calculation.
  • 2 logical inputs for connecting 2-state sensors, e.g. reed switch monitoring door opening, mains voltage presence sensor.
  • Protection of the output sockets with a 10A automatic fuse, independent of the power supply of the electronics, in the event of a circuit breakage, information appears on the screen, the ability to set a notification about this fact.
  • Current, voltage, consumed active/reactive power monitoring on upper bar and has 6 fields of energy meters for counting at specified times or hours (e.g. daily reset, separate counting for high and low tariff).
  • Events function allows use up to 3 conditions with logical functions for automating tasks - e.g. switching on outputs depending on the temperature, state of logical inputs and sending messages, e.g. about power failure.
  • The Scheduler function allows to switch on/off the outputs according to the calendar, periodically at specified times, and to reset or count energy meters at specified times.
  • Watchdog function allows to monitor specific IP addresses and reset outputs if no response. Many parameters of the ping command can be configured (e.g. delay time, how many incorrect answers are allowed, what time to wait for resumption after reset, etc.).
  • Email notifications on few items.
  • HTTPS support, setting the time according to the NTP server, administrator account and multiple users, backup settings and software upgrade via the website.

Technical specifications:

  • Quantity of sockets / colour: 7 / white
  • Type of sockets: type E (French) or type F (German)
  • Supply voltage: 230V AC (±10%)
  • Maximum load current: 10A - for category AC1, 0.75kW - for category AC3
  • Security: overvoltage - varistor and 15A fuse (at the back), overload - automatic fuse 10A (front)
  • Connection type: Cable with plug (135 cm)
  • Interfaces: RJ45 - Ethernet 10/100Mb, RJ12 - 1Wire and I2C, terminal 4p - logic inputs, +5V, ground.
  • Default address:

Examples of application:

  • Server cabinets.
  • Low power heating control.
  • Power supply for devices requiring remote control.
  • Power supply for devices requiring temporary on/off.

tcPDU compatible equipment:

  • Temperature and humidity sensor AM2301BH - LANKON-010
  • Temperature sensor DS18B20U - LANKON-030
  • Splitter RJ11/RJ12 1Wire/I2C - LANKON-099
  • tB2 - expansion board with 1-Wire, I2C - LANKON-120
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